Our Professional Learning and Growth research investigates how scientists, trainees, and educators learn in their profession and develop the skills, practices, and dispositions that support STEM learning.

The Center's current Professional Learning and Growth projects are listed below. You can also read about our completed Professional Learning and Growth projects.

Explorer at Large Pilot Implementation (2017-2020)

In this study led by Drs. Kelly Riedinger and Martin Storksdieck with assistance from Kim Preston and Victoria Bonebrake, the STEM Research Center is a research and evaluation partner with Little Yud Ventures and the PAST Foundation on the Explorer at Large (XAL) pilot program in Ohio.

BEETLES: Broad Implementation of a Professional Learning Model for Outdoor Science Programs (2017-2022)

The goal of the proposed BEETLES project is to improve the quality of science teaching and learning in Outdoor School Programs (OSP) nationwide with two foci:

Focus 1: To broadly implement the BEETLES professional learning model in 100 OSP nationwide that annually serve nearly one million youth from diverse backgrounds.
Focus 2:  To contribute knowledge to the field of informal science education about the features of informal science learning experiences that support meaningful outcomes for youth.

STEM Matters: Investigating the Confluence of Visitor and Institutional Agendas (2016-2020)

Led by Dr. Kelly Riedinger and Dr. Martin Storksdieck with assistance from Kimberley Preston  Victoria Bonebrake, Nicolette Canzoneri, and Kevin Keys OSU’s STEM Research Center partnered with two other research organizations, Knology (formerly New Knowledge Organization Ltd.

GLOBE: Citizen Science Needs Assessment (2016-2018)

Led by Dr. Heather Fischer and Dr. Martin Storksdieck, OSU’s STEM Research Center will conduct a needs assessment that will inform the expansion of the NASA GLOBE program to citizen scientists outside the K-12 arena. More specifically, we will identify needs of key audiences and assess how well an envisioned program expansion will likely meet those needs. The purpose of the project is project development, not research.

Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms (2016-2020)

nasa logoThe Center has partnered with WGBH Boston and PBS LearningMedia on a NASA-funded partnership, Bringing the University to America’s Classrooms.