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Inclusive Excellence @ OSU

The first cohort of Inclusive Excellence fellows

Our Theory of Change

Our mission is to make inclusive excellence intrinsic to excellence in STEM pedagogy at OSU.

Inspiring STEM Faculty

Move Mindsets

  • Generate a sense of responsibility and agency over social justice in the classroom.
  • Reflect on identity and power.
  • Leads to changing hearts & minds, shifting practices

Shift Practices

  • Marry Inclusive excellence to STEM pedagogy and instruction.
  • Enable faculty to generate pedagogical tools in an experimental and reflective way.
  • Leads to changing hearts and minds, moving mindsets, and promoting student success

Promote Student Success

  • Increased sense of belonging in the STEM classroom and at their institutions
  • Improved academic metrics

Institutional Transformation

Change Hearts

  • Inclusive pedagogy is normalized, rewarded and actively encouraged by departments.

Change Minds

  • IE@OSU becomes a part of OSU’s broader inclusion strategies.
  • Effective practices are disseminated.

IE is Championed

  • Changing hearts and minds leads to IE being championed
  • Faculty and administrators act as champions for IE.
  • Students expect inclusive pedagogy in their classrooms.

IE@OSU is Sustained at OSU

  • IE being championed leads to IE being sustained at OSU meaning that the program lives on beyond the grant period.
  • Students’ classroom experiences are mutually supported by their institutional experiences.
  • Inclusive practices are intrinsic to STEM pedagogy.

Request for Applications

Inclusive Excellence at OSU welcomes STEM faculty from Oregon State University, OSU-Cascades, Linn-Benton Community College and Lane Community College to apply for the IE at OSU Fellowship.

Learn about the Inclusive Excellence Fellowship 

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute

OSU is one of 57 institutions to receive a $1 million, 5-year grant from HHMI.

In partnership: the STEM Research Center, the College of Science, and the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Learn about HHMI 

IE@OSU Fellows

5 annual cohorts of about 20 STEM faculty from OSU, Linn-Benton, and Lane Community Colleges.

To date (Year 2 of 5), we have reached 36 fellows across 11+ departments at OSU and the community colleges.

Current IE@OSU Fellows 

The Fellowship Experience

Inclusive Excellence Academy

  • IE@OSU fellows participate in an intensive academy that challenges them to incorporate equity and justice into their mindsets as educators, and introduces them to social justice pedagogy.

Action Plans

  • Each fellow creates and implements an action plan to create change within their sphere of influence
  • Action plans are broad in scope, and have the ultimate goal of making STEM teaching and learning more equitable, just, and inclusive.

COVID-19 Adjustments

  • Remote Academy held over Fall-term, rather than a 1-week in-person event during the summer.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous engagement with enrolled fellows.