The following are links to resources and publications recommended by our center. Resources for our upcoming events are listed according to event title. 



Undergraduate Research- Integrating Discovery-Based Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum: Report of a Convocation (2015)

 From Our Events:

 Speaking Salon #1 - Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development (NSF and IES 2013) 
 Speaking Salon #2 - Discipline-Based Education Research (NRC 2012) 
 Speaking Salon #3 - Reaching Students: What Research Says About Effective Instruction in Undergraduate Science and Engineering 

From Our Projects:

Broader Impacts Strategic Approach - Link to our full report

CAISE Broader Impacts report- Link to the document outlining interviews

NABI Broader Impacts Report – Link to Current State of Broader Impacts

Corvallis School District Tablet Study- Link to the final report

Curiosity Machine - Link to the final report

Explorer At Large- Link to the Year 1 Report

Guerilla Science- Link to the final report

Guerilla Science- Link to sample instruments

STEM Beyond School- Evaluation Report Year 1 / Evaluation Report Year 2

SYNERGIES - Link to the project website for more information

Undergraduate Success - Link to our full report

Faculty Publications:  

Cho, H. and Risien, J. (2020). Understanding faculty and student perceptions about reward and advancement: survey of four STEM departments at research intensive universities. Corvallis, OR: STEM Research Center.

Giamellaro, M., O'Connell, K., Knapp, M. (2020): Teachers as participant-narrators in authentic data stories, International Journal of Science Education

Hoke, K. and Risien, J. (2019) Collaborative Research: Grounding Institutional Partnerships in Structures for Broader Impact Design Mid-Way Evaluation Report.  Corvallis, OR: Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning.

Risien, J. Curators and Sojourners in Learning Networks: Practices for Transformation, Evaluation and Program Planning, Volume 73, 2019, pp. 71-79

Skvoretz, J., Risien, J. Goldberg, B. (2018) Network Measurement and Data Collection Methods in Higher Education: Practices and Guidelines. In (Eds) Henderson, C., Rasmussen, C., Knaub, A., Apkarian, N., Daly, A. J., & Fisher, K. Q. (2018). Researching and Enacting Change in Postsecondary Education: Leveraging Instructors' Social Networks (Vol. 28). Routledge.

Risien, J. & Storksdieck, M.; Unveiling Impact Identities: A Path for Connecting Science and SocietyIntegrative and Comparative Biology, Volume 58, Issue 1, 1 July 2018, Pages 58–66,

Risien, J. & Goldstein, B.E. (2018). Boundaries Crossed and Boundaries Made: The productive tension between learning and influence in transformative networks (manuscript submitted for publication).

Risien, J. & Nilson, R. (2018). Landscape overview of university systems and people supporting scientists in their public engagement efforts: summary of existing recommendations and evidence from the field. Report to the Kavli, Rita Allen, Packard, and Moore Foundations

Stylinski C, Storksdieck M, Canzoneri N, Klein E, Johnson A. 2018 (in press). Impacts of a comprehensive public engagement training and support program on scientists’ outreach attitudes and practices. International Journal of Science Education, Part B, DOI: 10.1080/21548455.2018.1506188

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Bradshaw, L., Fraser, J., Rank, S., Heimlich, J., Wotjon, M.A., Riedinger, K., Storksdieck, M., & Canzoneri, N. (2017, Sept.). STEM Matters: Investigating the Confluence of Visitor and Institutional Agendas. A panel session at the 2017 annual conference of Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Indianapolis, IN.

Wotjon, M.A., Bennett, N., Burris, A., Niedbalski, A.C., Kubarek, J., & Riedinger, K. (2017, Sept.). Far from the Norm: Weaving unique research and evaluation methods into all aspects of zoo activities/operations. A poster session at the 2017 annual conference of Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Indianapolis, IN.

Riedinger, K. (2016, Nov.). Science in the Community Forum: Highlighting Programs and Practices that Bridge In-School and Out-of-School STEM Learning (moderator). A discussion panel at the 2016 area conference of the National Science Teachers Association in Portland, OR.

Riedinger, K. (2016, Nov.). ASTC: Informal Science Educators Networking Brown Bag Lunch. A session at the 2016 area conference of the National Science Teachers Association in Portland, OR.

Storksdieck M, Stylinski C, Bailey D. 2016. Typology for public engagement with science: a conceptual framework for public engagement involving scientists. Corvallis, OR: Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning.

Riedinger, K., Glass, M., & Schatz, D. (2016, Sept.). Connected Science Learning: A Journal to Connect STEM Educators Across Formal and Informal Education Settings. A poster session at the 2016 annual meeting of the Association of Science-Technology Centers in Tampa, FL.