STEM For All Webinar




Don't miss this upcoming webinar on Oct 27th at 3PM EDT to explore how #STEM Learning Ecosystems can be fostered & sustained, what their contributions might be for #STEMlearning, & what opportunities they might provide for new research. Sponsored by the STEM for All Multiplex and funded by NSF. (see more below).


The concept of STEM Learning Ecosystems has been advanced over the last decade to describe the various designed and natural settings and opportunities for STEM engagement within geographically defined areas. STEM Learning Ecosystems acknowledge that learning can occur in many settings and that individuals’ learning pathways connect these settings as part of a person’s total engagement with STEM. The concept has been used to make visible the STEM learning assets of communities, and it serves as a means to encourage closer cooperation between key actors and stakeholders in formal and informal STEM settings. This webinar will provide examples of STEM Learning Ecosystems, explore how the concept has been used to foster connected learning and discuss challenges and strategies for fostering STEM Learning Ecosystems.


This webinar will be moderated by Dr. Martin Storksdieck, the director of Oregon State University’s STEM Research Center, and a professor in OSU’s College of Education. Panelists include Deb Bailey, STEM Education Specialist at the Oregon Department of Education who can speak to the STEM Hubs as Oregon’s way to make STEM Learning Ecosystems the key mechanisms for fostering STEM innovation; Nancy Staus, a Senior Researcher at the STEM Research Center at Oregon State University who can report on exciting and myth-busting findings that emerged from research done as part of a highly defined STEM ecosystem, and Leigh Peake, Chief Education Officer at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute who can speak to a systemic statewide field trip program that led to a research-to-practice project to explore STEM learning ecosystems in Maine.


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