Offered upon request, this is a customizable workshop for faculty members at any stage of their career who wish to actively pursue improved societal impact plans and outcomes over the course of their careers. The workshop goals are to provide space and time for professional development aimed at helping faculty 1) explore their “impact identity”, 2) establish career-long goals with regards to impacts, 3) identify personal and professional assets that support those goals, and 4) learn to cultivate a more complete tool set to achieve those goals over the long-term. 

Workshops vary in length and include an overview on proposal-based research impact requirements with a focus on the National Science Foundation. Participants will explore their discipline and individual research impact identities and craft a personal research impact identity statement. Much of the time will be spent actively engaged in small-group reflective discussions and activities. In extended workshops, participants will identify and develop the skills, programs, people, and relationships that will be needed to reach impact related goals and maintain a personal impact community. To schedule a workshop on your campus contact

Want to "get in the weeds" with the theories behind impact identity? Check out this paper by Julie Risien in the Journal of Integrative and Comparative Biology.