On April 7, 2014 the Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning and the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Success and Engagement (now the Vice Provost for Student Affairs) launched the Undergraduate Success initiative with an invitational workshop entitled Redefining Undergraduate Success which convened 32 faculty and administrators with a wide array of perspectives and experiences.  The goal of the workshop was to define “success” or “derived benefits” of an undergraduate OSU experience, a definition that will form the foundation for a comprehensive framework that ties student outcomes with OSU facilitated experiences within and outside of classrooms and laboratories.  Ultimately, this report will serve as the basis for a well-reasoned and supported research agenda that will directly contribute to understanding and measurably improving student success.  The research agenda will be part of an overarching initiative to reform undergraduate education at OSU through design-based implementation of evidence-based educational and learning practices at OSU.The below vision of undergraduate success is the result of the workshop. Read the full report.


OSU graduates are highly adaptable and across their life are able to adjust to fast rates of change and technological advances.  They are resilient in the context of economic and social flux.  They possess core competence and practical experience in a professional field that allows them continued success in their careers.  They are skilled and practiced at understanding and connecting across differences of discipline, background, identity, ability, race, ethnicity, and nationality, and they comfortably embrace the richness that diversity can bestow in both their personal and professional lives and endeavors.  They are capable of creating successful lives and demonstrate continued competence and fulfillment in personal, civic and professional realms.  They are lifelong learners and continually seek experiences that challenge their minds and that contribute to fulfillment in their personal, civic and professional lives.