As the university's central hub for interdisciplinary education research, the Center is involved in several long- and short-term projects. You can read about our local, national, and international involvements by clicking the buttons below.


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  • Institutional Transformation: Our Institutional Transformation research investigates how organizations, structures, systems, and norms adapt to improve STEM learning practices and outcomes, including broadening participation in STEM through improved equity and inclusion.
  • The Interface of Science and Society: Our Interface of Science and Society research investigates how the enterprises of science as a cultural institution intersects with other sectors and institutions of society, and how scientific institutions and individual STEM professionals engage the public.
  • Learning Ecosystems: Our Learning Ecosystems research investigates how learning occurs within a learner's (STEM) ecosystem, not only in school or out of school, but in a complex network of institutions, families, environments, and events.
  • Professional Learning and Growth: Our Professional Learning and Growth research investigates how scientists, trainees, and educators learn in their profession and develop the skills, practices, and dispositions that support STEM learning.
  • STEM Teaching and Learning: Our STEM Teaching and Learning research investigates how teaching and learning practices, tools, and media impact learner outcomes and experiences.