To read more about an individual's work and affiliation with the center, click on their profile picture or name. Please use the OSU campus directory to verify office and phone numbers for each of our affiliates:
Blessing Mupanduki Blessing Mupanduki Assessment Development and Administration Education Programs Consultant–Science Assessment
Diana Rohlman Diana Rohlman Biological and Population Health Sciences; Superfund Research Program Assistant Professor, Sr. Research
Indira Rajagopal Indira Rajagopal Biochemistry and Biophysics Senior Instructor
Chong Fang Chong Fang Chemistry (Physical Chemistry) Assistant Professor
Richard Nafshun Richard Nafshun Chemistry Professor
Michael M. Learner Michael M. Learner Chemistry Professor
Shane Brown Shane Brown Civil and Construction Engineering Associate Professor
Robi Nilson Robi Nilson Conservation Social Sciences Doctoral Student
Margaret Burnett Margaret Burnett Computer Science Professor
Jeremy Hoffman Jeremy Hoffman Geology; Science Communication Doctoral Student
Lissy Goralnik Lissy Goralnik Forest Ecosystems and Society Postdoctoral Scholar
Susan Nolen Susan Bobbitt Nolen Learning Sciences & Human Development Professor
Tom Dick Tom Dick Mathematics Professor
Scott Peterson Scott Peterson Mathematics Senior Instructor
Joseph Cone Joseph Cone Oregon Sea Grant Assistant Director and Communications Leader
David Roundy David Roundy
Physics Associate Professor
Henri Jansen Henri Jansen
Weniger 403
Physics Professor and Chair
Anita Guerrini Anita Guerrini School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Horning Professor in the Humanities and Professor of History
Allison L. Hurst Allison L. Hurst Sociology Assistant Professor
Catherine Law Catherine Law STEM Academy Director of STEM Academy
Wendy Rose Aaron Wendy Rose Aaron STEM Education Assistant Professor
Deb Bailey Deb Bailey
STEM Education
Rebekah Elliott Rebekah Elliott STEM Education Associate Professor
Mary Beisiegel Mary Beisiegel Mathematics Associate Professor
Victoria Bonebrake Museology
Nancee Hunter Nancee Hunter
Affiliated Researcher
Susanna Priest Susanna Priest Editor-in-Chief of Science Communication
Learning Assistants Program
Devon Quick Devon Quick Integrative Biology Senior Instructor
Lori J. Kayes Lori J. Kayes
Integrative Biology Senior Instructor
Devlin Montfort Devlin Montfort Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor