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Primary Title: 
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University
STEM Education
Research Interests: My research, teaching, and development work centers on professional education along the professional continuum -- pre-service teachers to teacher-leaders. In particular, I am interested in how teachers learn the mathematical knowledge needed for teaching, the ways that these forms of knowledge are deployed in practice, and how to support teachers detailing their practice in ways that support professional learning.  My teaching and research interests are grounded in the fact that I am a former secondary mathematics teacher who worked in traditional and non-traditional schools and I have had the opportunity to work with teachers and leaders from a variety of settings.

I am committed to supporting the learning of all students especially learners who are traditionally disenfranchised in mathematics education. To these ends, my work with teachers supports them in learning to make sense of students' ideas, advance students' ideas through mathematical discourse, and provide opportunities for students to learn mathematics with understanding.  I believe learning to teach in these ways is predicated on coming to understand mathematics needed for teaching.

Current Projects:
    Secondary Science and Math Teachers Learning Practice
    Researching Mathematics Leader Learning
    Algebra in Context, Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant
    Mathematics Studio Fellowship Program, Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, National Science Foundation