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Chief Scientist, PARADIGMisr; CEO, Black Canyon Woodworks


Lisa Graham, Ph.D., P.E., Chief Scientist at PARADIGMisr, is a licensed professional chemical engineer with nearly 18 years experience in a variety of technical fields, including specialty chemicals and biopharmaceuticals.  Prior to joining PARADIGMisr, Lisa was part of Bend Research Inc. for 12 years and held SVP and COO executive positions.  She is an author on 12 scientific papers and holds two patents.

Focus at PARADIGMisr includes contributing to the company’s research and scientific priorities to ensure alignment with the overall mission and goals of the organization.  Key focus areas for the company include: data analytics/platform development, health care informatics, systems biology and informatics, sensor technology, energy, spatial data acquisition via UASs, and cybersecurity.

She is also actively involved in a number of organizations in Oregon that are focused on the supporting the growth of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.  As examples, she serves on the State Board of Higher Education, the Governor’s STEM Investment Council, and the Engineering Technology Industry Council (ETIC).