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Dr. Deborah L. Bailey received her doctorate in Science Education and Master's of Public Health from Oregon State University (2015) and her Master's in Resource Development from Michigan State University (2005). While at Oregon State she worked with John H. Falk and Lynn Dierking on the Center's project Advancing STEM, Creativity & Innovation Learning through SYNERGIES. Deborah's dissertation research focused on the perception of science learned in an out-of-school garden program. She worked with Dr. Falk and Personal Meaning Mapping to explore the science learning of older adolescents participating in an experiential and free-choice summer garden program. Dr. Bailey is particularly interested in the development of science identity and its influence on individual behavior change. Prior to graduate school she was a Research Assistant at Michigan State University (Extension) where she coordinated a project exploring school-level interventions for health behavior change. Deborah is currently an Education Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Here her work explores adolescent science identity development through out-of-school mentoring programs.

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