Chong Fang

Contact Info

Primary Title: 
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University
College of Science
Chemistry (Physical Chemistry)


Dr. Chong Fang is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Oregon State University. He obtained his B.S. in Chemistry and Applied Computer Sciences (dual degree) at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and Biophysics at University of Pennsylvania, and did his postdoctoral work at UC Berkley. The research of FANG Lab at Oregon State University with a focus on capturing molecular “movies” is at the intersection of chemistry, physics, and biology and has technological applications in the areas of bioimaging, bioengineering, nonlinear optics, photonics, and materials sciences.

Fang has a strong interest in increasing student competencies and learning outcomes in physical chemistry. In his undergraduate classrooms he aims to employ interactive learning to aid in student understanding and knowledge retention; he also works closely with graduate students in the Science Communicators Fellowship Program to increase their communication skills. One of his goals is to build greater institutional and public awareness of the importance and applications of physical chemistry research and education; one way is through the production of multimedia video modules. Fang also works closely with underrepresented K-12 students through OSU High School Visits Program and ChickTech outreach events.


Research Description: 
Action Research Fellow