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Ann joined the Center in 2019 as a Senior Researcher and coordinator of the InclusiveExcellence@OSU program. Ann brings 25 years of experience teaching introductory mathematics, primarily in the community college setting.  Ann is a researcher in mathematics education, earning a PhD from Portland State University in 2014. Her dissertation examined informal ways of reasoning about ratio, rate and proportion. Ann’s current research leverages an organizational change perspective to explore and impact teaching and learning in introductory STEM. Ann is a co-PI on Project SLOPE, developing and evaluating a program within a professional organization to build a network of community college mathematics instructors engaged in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. This project emerged from Ann’s role researching organizational change on the ESTEME@OSU project. Ann’s work on IE@OSU is an extension of her work on ESTEME@OSU and aligned with her passion to support inclusive student learning environments in both community colleges and universities.

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Post-Doctoral Scholar