Winter 2023 Faculty Food and Fun

Beyond Accommodations: A panel discussion about disability and sense of belonging in the classroom

March 2nd, 4-6 PM in MU 109 and on Zoom

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Students with disabilities/disabled students face unique challenges in accessing higher education. While accommodations help bridge the gaps, more needs to be done to cultivate a true sense of belonging in the classroom for students with disabilities/disabled students.

Join InclusiveExcellence@OSU for a panel discussion with Dr. Kathleen Bogart (Psychology), and three student representatives from the Disabled Students Union. Our panel members will be sharing their experiences as students with disabilities/disabled students at OSU. The one-hour panel will be followed by a casual hour of brainstorming ideas for cultivating a sense of belonging for students with disabilities/disabled students and connecting over finger foods, wine, and beer.




CameoName: Cameo Ariel Ku'ualohalani Perrells

Pronouns: She/Her

Cameo is native to Hawaii and studies Interior Design within the College of Business. She also works at the Disability Equity Center as the event and fundraising coordinator. Her hobbies include swimming, camping, cooking, and baking for her home-kitchen licensed business. She also loves houseplants and has a few pet fish.






MadeleineName: Madeleine Limon

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

  • Madeleine is a queer, Asian, disabled, chronically ill woman who is passionate about social justice, equity work, and education. She works as a Learning Assistant for the Integrative Biology department and as a research assistant for Dr Kathleen Bogart. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, and searching for the best gluten free pastries Oregon has to offer. 





KaydenName: Kayden Cummings 

Pronouns: They/It/He

Kayden has lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past six years. It identifies as disabled being autistic with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). They are currently treasurer in the Disabled Students Union, as well as project coordinator with ASOSU for the disabled students lounge pilot program. It enjoys cooking, playing music on their radio show, and hanging out with friends and loved ones. Its main interests are disability justice, equality, trauma, and child psychology.




KathleenName: Kathleen Bogart

Pronouns: She/Her

  • Dr. Bogart is an Associate Professor of Psychology at OSU. As a person with a disability, she is passionate about researching and educating about ableism.  Passionate about disability community-building, she is the co-founder of the Disability Advocacy and Research Network (DARN!) for social and personality psychologists who have and/or specialize in disability, and she is the faculty advisor for OSU's Disabled Students Union.







Accommodations for disabilities may be made by contacting



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Past Events




Fall Faculty, Food, and Fun: Sense of Belonging Matters Workshop

4 to 6 p.m.
Journey Room or Zoom


Erin Shortlidge


Join InclusiveExcellence@OSU for Faculty, Food and Fun on October 25th from 4-6 pm in MU Journey Room. 

This 2-hour event will feature special guest facilitator, Dr. Erin Shortlidge, (Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Portland State University). Dr. Shortlidge is a nationally recognized scholar specializing in discipline-based education research, specifically in biology education.

Dr. Shortlidge will present an interactive workshop that explores why sense of belonging matters in STEM classrooms and evidence-based inclusive teaching practices that you can use to enhance sense of belonging in your classrooms tomorrow.

Inclusive Excellence Fellow Showcase & Celebration


4 to 7 p.m.
Horizon Room

sparklesJoin us to celebrate our 2021-2022 Fellows! sparkles

The Fellows will be showcasing the innovative and exciting changes they made in their classrooms this year in support of inclusive excellence.

If you are curious about ways to incorporate inclusion and equity into your work with students, join us for this fun and interactive poster session. This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues at OSU, Linn-Benton Community College, and Lane Community College. Food and beer/wine will be served!



Accommodations for disabilities may be made by contacting 541-737-2197 or 



Winter Faculty, Food, and Fun: Connecting with Student Experiences in the Classroom



Tuesday, March 1st

4-6 PM

Join us in the Journey Room at the Memorial Union or remotely via Zoom


Have you ever wondered: Am I doing the right things in the classroom? What do my students think of my teaching practices? Do my students notice my efforts to engage equitably and inclusively?

It can be hard to stay on top of best practices in the classroom, especially if you aren’t sure how they are working for your students. To help us understand the student perspective on equitable teaching practices, IE@OSU invites you to join a panel discussion with resident experts Janet Nishihara, Stephanie Ramos, and Kari Van Zee. We will explore ways to find out how students really feel, and how to shift your teaching practice in response to what you learn about how students feel. 



Janet Nishihara

Executive Director,

Educational Opportunities Program

  Stephanie Ramos

  Office of URSA Associate Director &
  STEM Leaders Program Coordinator
  Kari van Zee
  Senior Instructor I and Lead Advisor 
Finger foods will be served at 4 pm with casual time to mingle over beer and wine starting at 5 pm.
This event will be held in a synchronous hybrid format – join us in person in the MU’s Journey Room, or on Zoom. 


Fall 2021 Faculty Food & Fun


Sustaining Inclusive Excellence in Higher Education with Dr. Jasmine Crenshaw




Join us at the Fall 2021 Faculty, Food and Fun! This 2-hour event will be hosted by InclusiveExcellence@OSU and feature a guest speaker, Dr. Jasmine Crenshaw.

Dr. Crenshaw is a nationally recognized leader at the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and equity and higher education. Come connect with your colleagues and enjoy finger foods and beer/wine as you participate in a dynamic and interactive workshop about incorporating inclusive excellence into STEM teaching practices!

Tuesday, November 9th

4-6 PM

Join us in the Horizon Room at the Memorial Union or Remotely via Zoom


jasmineDr. Jasmine Crenshaw is passionate about making sure that the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are more reflective of the world we that we live in. As the Founder and President of Mind Over Matter Consulting Group, LLC, an education consulting firm, she actively leverages her experiences in higher ed and government to develop workshops, seminars, and strategic solutions that allow individuals and organizations to address the gaps that exist for women and people of color around participation and persistence. Her unique and innovative approaches have implemented strategies for student success and cultivated inclusive environments for all students to thrive.

Dr. Crenshaw is the co-author of STEM Navigators: Pathways to Achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, a book that presents intervention strategies, resources, and personal advice to guide students to success. In addition to being a STEMinist, Jasmine is a proud wife and mother of two.








InclusiveExcellence @ OSU 2021 Spring Showcase

 June 4, 2021

12 - 3 PM on Gather, View posters here

Spring Showcase layout


Come check out what our Inclusive Excellence Fellows have been working on! The Fellows will be sharing the Action Plans they developed to create change within their spheres of influence. 


The Showcase will be hosted on Gather on June 4, 2021 from 12:00 - 3:00 PM but you can drop in at anytime. While you will be able to look at all the posters and presentations at any time during the 3-hour event, there are set time slots during which individual Fellows are guaranteed to be present and available to answer questions. If you are particularly interested in a specific Fellow and their work, please be sure to pop in during that time. Please click the button to RSVP to ensure you receive the Gather room information.



Fellow Name Department Institution Presentation Title Time Slot
Barbara (Barb) Simpson Civil Engineering Oregon State University  Inclusive practices to increase student persistence 12-1
Felipe Sousa Barreto Integrative Biology Oregon State University Broadening the Imagine of a Scientist and Debunking The "Genetics" of Race 12-1
Evan Thatcher Physics Oregon State University  Expectation Setting, Community Building, and Critical Pedagogy in Physics 12-1
Shawn Massoni Microbiology Oregon State University Grading for Equity 12-1
Thandeka (Tandi) Ngwenyama Veterinary Clinical Sciences Oregon State University Critically diverse: critical pedagogy in emergency and critical care 12-1
Karen (Kari) van Zee Biochemistry & Biophysics Oregon State University  Increasing Access to Paid Undergraduate Research Opportunities 12-1
Michael W. Burand Chemistry Oregon State University  Ensuring All Students Feel Welcome in the General Chemistry Laboratory 1-2
Fred DeAngelis Physics  Oregon State University  Helping Physics Students Feel Like They Belong 1-2
Andrea Goering Science (Physics and Astronomy)  Lane Community College  Building on Belonging: Science-Society Conversations in Intro Astronomy 1-2
Jeremy M Rose Integrative Biology Oregon State University  Social Justice Conversations through a Biological Lens 1-2
Ashley D'Antonio Forest Ecosystems and Society Oregon State University Sharing Principles for an Inclusive Classroom with the College of Forestry  1-2
Kate Shay Biochemistry & Biophysics Oregon State University  Online summer science experience using UDI principles  2-3
Louis (Lou) Michael Wojcinski II Chemistry Oregon State University  Building Inclusion and Belonging in Large Intro Classes  2-3
Arthur (Art) M. Peck  Mathematics Lane Community College  Walk in like you OWN the place: a community of engagement in the math classroom 2-3
Michael Lopez Mathematics Linn-Benton Community College  Taking Them to the Beach in Mathematics! 2-3
Daniel Luke Rockwell Mathematics Oregon State University  Sharing Ideas and Creating Community for Anti-Racist Teaching 2-3



Faculty Food & Fun 2021

Exploring indigenous ways of knowing in our lives: dialogue spaces for self-reflection



Join us on February 11th, between 4-6 pm (drop in anytime) as we explore insights from indigenous ways of knowing. We will meet in Gather to reflect on how our own perspectives have shaped the ways we do, think, learn, and teach, and explore different ways of seeing and engaging with the world. This is a time and space to slow down, share, and explore with each other; you may drop into the Gather space at any time to join dialogue rooms, each focused on a different theme. There will also be additional lounge spaces for casual chat and connection.  

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The dialogue rooms will focus on:

  • Your life – how interconnected are the aspects of your life? What are the aspects of your life that are connected, and which aspects are not? What would life feel like if the different parts of your life were more connected? 

  • Your discipline how might you think of your discipline more holistically and situated in the world, not as something that exists separate from the world?

  • Your body, mind, and spirit – (how) do you listen to all three into your work and life? Are they separated from each other or do they work together? 

  • Your courses – What might an introductory holistic STEM course look like?

  • Your problem solving – Have you worked on a problem in one particular way, from one approach, and not found a solution? How might holistic ways of thinking help you approach your problem from new perspectives?

  • Exploring dichotomies – “In English you think very much with either-or propositions, dichotomous thinking; it’s always either-or, good-bad, saint-sinner. That’s not how we think. In Native thought it is always about process. It’s always about action” (Dr. Leroy Little Bear). How can we identify and disrupt dichotomous thinking in our disciplines?

In advance of the event, we recommend that you watch this TED Talk, by CEOAS Research Associate Dr. Samantha Chisholm Hatfield. Dr. Chisholm Hatfield is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, from the Tututni and Chinook bands, and is also Cherokee. 


FFF Cocktail Recipes


Faculty, Food, and Fun events are a way for us to connect and mingle. Although we cannot be together in person this time, we are offering some fun cocktail recipes in the hopes that we can still enjoy the spirit of togetherness that comes from sharing a drink together.


Color-changing G&T





Butterfly pea blossoms are native to Southeast Asia, and have been used for centuries in traditional herbal teas. They’ve recently gained attention in the Western world due to their color-changing properties, resulting from a phytochemical that acts as a pH indicator

Empress 1908 gin (available at the Cork and Bottle Shop in Corvallis) is a butterfly pea infused gin that’s perfect for a sciencey twist on a gin and tonic. 


  • To an ice-filled class, mix 2 oz. Empress gin, 3 oz. Tonic water, and stir

  • Add a squirt of lemon or lime juice to watch the color change!


Non-alcoholic Blackberry-Vanilla Fizz





  • Muddle: 1/3 cup blackberries, 1 ounce lemon juice, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 tbsp raw honey and a splash of ginger ale or club soda.

  • Pour through a strainer into a glass filled with ice

  • Top with more ginger ale or soda

  • Enjoy!