Seminar and Forum: Building the Empirical Foundation for Collegiate Teaching Reform (Panel)

Nov 13 2012

Dr. Kay Sagmiller, Director of the OSU Center for Teaching and Learning; Dr. Corinne Manogue, Professor in the OSU Physics Department; Dr. Eric Weber, Assistant Professor Mathematics Education; Dr. Wendy Aaron Assistant Professor Mathematics Education; and Dr. Milo Koretsky, Professor School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering will lead this forum focusing on trends in collegiate teaching research, examination of the challenges and opportunities in STEM teaching and learning.

Seminar and Forum: Research-University-based Centers of STEM Education: Fad, Fictions, Failures and Fulfillment (or, why would anyone want to get involved with this?!)

Oct 09 2012

Dr. Bouwma-Gearhart will help us situate our new Center in the greater national movement attempting to improve STEM education. Drawing on her and others’ research and our collective experiences, we will explore the (1) trend of university-based centers of STEM education, including the motivations and missions of organizations pushing their creation, and (2) the associated perils confronted and promises afforded at major research universities like our own.