Lead by PI Milo Koretsky and Co-PIs Thomas Dick, Shane Brown, Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, and Susie Brubaker-Cole, ESTEME@OSU is an effort born out of action research and working to broadly implement innovative evidence-based instructional practices - specifically, interactive engagement in lecture and formal cooperative learning in studio workshop laboratories - into core undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and physics at OSU. This transdisciplinary – led by College of Engineering, managed by Center faculty and supported through a grant from the National Science Foundation – involves investigators from three OSU colleges (Engineering, Education and Science), the Offices of Academic Success and Engagement, Institutional Research, and the Center for Teaching and Learning. The project will provide opportunities for positive impacts on approximately 10,000 students, 50 faculty members, and 300 student instructors annually. Ultimately, ESTEME@OSU will result in enhanced infrastructure towards reform including improved professional networks, communities of practice, and measurement and processes related to student learning, retention, and learning related beliefs. Contact Julie Risien, Project Manager, or Victoria Bonebrake, Assistant Project Manager with questions. Read more here