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Lead Principal Investigator
Milo Koretsky Lead Principal Investigator; Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
Co-Principal Investigator
Jana Bouwma-Gearhart Co-Principal Investigator ; STEM Education
Shane Brown Co-Principal Investigator ; Civil and Construction Engineering
Tom Dick Co-Principal Investigator ; Mathematics
Post-Doctoral Scholar
Ying Cao Post-Doctoral Scholar; Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
Doctoral Candidate
Ellen Aster Doctoral Candidate; STEM Education
Adam Lenz Doctoral Candidate; STEM Education
Project Management
Julie Risien Project Management; Associate Director
Victoria Bonebrake Project Management; Research Analyst
Action Research Fellow
Jeff Chang Action Research Fellow; Botany and Plant Pathology
Indira Rajagopal Action Research Fellow; Biochemistry and Biophysics
Lori J. Kayes Action Research Fellow; Integrative Biology
Devon Quick Action Research Fellow; Integrative Biology
Tracy Arras Action Research Fellow; Civil and Construction Engineering
Michael Burand Action Research Fellow; Chemistry
Margie Haak Action Research Fellow; Chemistry
Richard Nafshun Action Research Fellow; Chemistry
Paula Weiss Action Research Fellow; Chemistry
Kristin Ziebart Action Research Fellow; Chemistry
KC Walsh KC Walsh Action Research Fellow; Phyiscs
Mary Beisiegel Action Research Fellow; Mathematics
Scott Peterson Action Research Fellow; Mathematics
Community Member
Henri Jansen Community Member; Physics
Michael M. Learner Community Member; Chemistry
Devlin Montfort Community Member; Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Kenny Martin Instructor; Civil and Construction Engineering