The OSU Center for Research for Lifelong STEM Learning with support from the OSU Research Office and in collaboration with OSU Outreach and Engagement, convened a “Broader Impacts Invitational Workshop” on December 7, 2012. The workshop solicited opinions and perspectives from 65 participating faculty who were broadly representative of OSU’s diverse disciplines and units. The goals of the workshop were: 1) to move OSU towards a more strategic and intellectually rigorous approach to broader impacts; one that will measurably improve the competitiveness of OSU initiated proposals; and 2) identify the specific tools and supports investigators and units need to effectively design, implement and evaluate quality broader impacts efforts. The resulting report describes the challenges and opportunities associated with these goals. It also recommends a path forward for consideration by OSU’s leadership. 

Since the workshop the Center has continued work with the Research Office and the Division of outreach engagement to design and build a campus-wide network to work towards institutional-scale solutions to BI challenges by lowering barriers and spurring action. Below are working goals and objectives to be addressed by an OSU Research Impact Network. More information is available here

GOALImprove processes, communication, and accessibility related to existing tools for developing high quality research impacts to fulfill Strategic Plan 3.0 - specifically Goal 3 to strengthen impact and reach throughout Oregon and beyond with respect to our three signature areas of distinction - and to enhance impacts of research addressing global challenges. 

OBJECTIVE 1Understand the current landscape of research impact capacity and interests at OSU and map a course to improve access, communication, and accessibility of tools and capacities. 

OBJECTIVE 2Establish a set of best practices and build capacity of investigators so they may excel in partnering, planning, designing, implementing, evaluating and budgeting impact activities.  Define and strengthen the relationship between research, engagement and impacts and begin to shift practices to better support quality imacts connected with the OSU mission and research agenda. 

OBJECTIVE 3Adopt an institutional vision and brand for research impacts at OSU to guide action and articulate to funding agencies the aggregate societal impacts OSU strives to achieve through research and engagement.

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