nasa logoThe Center has partnered with WGBH Boston and PBS LearningMedia on a NASA-funded partnership, Bringing the University to America’s Classrooms. The project features production, evaluation, and dissemination of a comprehensive set of supplemental instructional modules – curated collections of STEM resources highlighting NASA-produced digital media assets and custom-designed resources, including video clips, interactives, animations, digital games, lab experiences, and accompanying lesson plans. The instructional modules align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as examples of high quality and inquiry-based science education in K-12. WGBH broadcast and web-based programs have been featured in the development and distribution of these modules, assuring widespread access, appeal, and impact. To support the usage of, and sustain engagement with, teachers and educators in out-of-school settings who might make use of these resources as part of a broader reform in science education, WGBH proposes a portfolio of outreach and professional learning opportunities that meet educators “where they are,” with on-demand, real-time, and interactive products and services to support their work.  Kelly Riedinger, Martin Storksdieck, Holly Cho and Brianna Keys are leading the Center's effort; they are conducting an independent, formative and summative evaluation of the project.

In year 1 of the project, OSU conducted a front-end needs assessment and initiated formative concept testing of the instructional modules through data collection efforts that included a Nationally distributed survey and convening of a teacher advisor board for review of existing assets, participation in focus group discussions, and classroom testing of instructional module prototypes. Years 2 through 5 of the study will focus on formative and summative evaluation to inform instruction module production and professional learning experiences for teachers while also documenting outcomes and impacts of the project on students and educators. The preliminary research and subsequent findings will be used to inform the learning materials produced by WGBH on PBS LearningMedia, and to measure their effectiveness in the classrooms in which they are used.

This project is funded as part of a NASA Cooperative Agreement. Read more here. . .