Higher education institutions and informal science education centers share a common interest in lowering the barriers that separate science and the public. These groups desire tools and strategies for developing mutually beneficial relationships to work together towards this common interest. In this Broader Impacts Design (BID) project, the Center aims to develop and test a conceptual framework which would guide informal science education organizations, higher education institutions and other community-based partners in creating enduring partnerships that support public engagement with science. This framework would include recommendations for the structure and function of the partnerships, as well as tools and resources that enable these institutions to effectively work together.

The Center, led by Julie Risien, Martin Storksdieck and Kelly Hoke on this effort, serves as the research partner on this three year collaborative project (2017-2020) will develop and test a flexible framework that builds durable institutional relationships around a shared mission of connecting public audiences with the STEM research happening in their communities.

Informal Science Education Partners

Higher Education Institution Partners

Pacific Science Center

University of Washington Bothell

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

University of Wisconsin Madison


Cornell University