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Dr. Rie Malm



Sense of Belonging in Field Courses: What, Why, When, and How?

November 2, 202211am Pacific Time (2pm Eastern Time)


Increasingly sense of belonging is being considered in field course research, design and practice. This talk, drawing from a case study of an introductory field research course, will explore what sense of belonging means in this context and why it is a vital component for increasing inclusivity, equity, diversity, and access in field courses. Join us for a discussion of when and how intentional field course design/research/practice can support this and what questions we need to be asking to promote sense of belonging for ALL. 


Alexandra’s presentation will be 30 minutes long followed by a facilitated discussion.


Alexandra RaceAlexandra Race

University of California Santa Cruz/Ph.D. Candidate in Education

Alexandra Race is a Ph.D. Candidate in Education at UC Santa Cruz. She explores the intersections of exclusionary forces in science education to understand potential pathways towards inclusive, equitable, and justice-oriented science pedagogy. Her current research explores field-based/nature-based education and the work being done by teachers, researchers, community organizations, and scientists to support equitable field-based education in K-12 and higher education settings. Three things that bring her joy are thrifting vintage clothing, collecting rocks, and her cat Mabel.



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