ARIS logoThe ARIS Center is a collaboration between 12 universities launched in September 2018 with an award from the National Science Foundation (OIA 1810732) and a mission to Advance Research Impacts in Society through four initiatives: building capacity; advancing scholarship; growing partnerships; and curating resources. Dr. Julie Risien leads the OSU arm of ARIS and oversees the advancing scholarship initiative of the ARIS Center.

The flagship of the ARIS initiative to advance scholarship is a fellowship program that program supports professionals, researchers, faculty, educators, graduate students and others from universities, colleges, and other organizations working to advance practice and improve outcomes of research impacts. The goal of the program is to increase the quality and availability of scholarship and resources about research impacts through two types of projects. Synthesis projects condense existing scholarly work to package evidence into easily applied and digestible tools that serve the research community in their efforts to improve their broader impacts. The program also supports innovative scholarship that explores new horizons and advances knowledge about research impacts. Fellows participate in a community of practice to enhance peer learning and build capacity around broader impacts support. They also author peer-reviewed products such as guidance documents, white papers, scholarly articles, decision support tools, multimedia supports, instructive videos, or other creative or scholarly outputs.

By developing resources and providing professional development to multiple audiences across multiple institutions types ARIS directly enhances capacity for design, implementation, and evaluation of research impacts. The activities of the ARIS will ultimately raise the quality of broader impact activities prioritizing activities that broaden participation in science and engineering, as well as focus on economic competitiveness and national security.

Partners listed here: 

National partners and institutions for the ARIS Center include: Brown University, Duke University, Iowa State University, Madison Area Technical College, Michigan State University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Oregon State University, Rutgers University and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Council of Experts includes members from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association of American Universities, California State-Monterey Bay, the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education, the Council on Undergraduate Research, the Kavli Foundation, NASA, Northern Illinois University, the Rathenau Institute (Netherlands), Spelman College, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Western Washington University, and York University (Canada) among others.

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