Please join Larry Roper (Student Affairs), Michelle Bothwell (Biological & Environmental Engineering), and Derron Coles (STEM Education) in a transformative conversation that will challenge your thinking about diversity and inclusion. Faculty often participate in a systems aimed at improving diversity but in reality may siphon student spirit and soul by focusing on assimilation with the dominate discipline culture rather than enrichment. Our practices, while well intended, can stifle personal identity and growth among underrepresented groups and persons. The costs can be dire: discrimination and alienation that set individuals or entire groups up for failure; institutions, even nations, with constricted perspectives and unchanging cultures; and a static-talent workforce unable to address our 21st century STEM related challenges. How might diversity enhance STEM? What are innovative ways faculty can approach diversity goals? How is student identity tied to success? What are the institutional successes and hurdles at OSU? Come and share your insights and experiences and be prepared to renew your own ideas about diversity and inclusion. View this seminar

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 16:00