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Jana Bouwma-Gearhart STEM Education
Milo Koretsky Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
Tom Dick Mathematics
Shane Brown Civil and Construction Engineering
Ellen Aster STEM Education
Lori J. Kayes Integrative Biology
Scott Peterson Mathematics
Michael M. Learner Chemistry
Kenny Martin Civil and Construction Engineering
Richard Nafshun Chemistry
Kay Sagmiller
Devlin Montfort Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Henri Jansen Physics
Sal Castillo Institutional Research
Indira Rajagopal Biochemistry and Biophysics
Michael Burand Chemistry
Margie Haak Chemistry
Paula Weiss Chemistry
Kristin Ziebart Chemistry
KC Walsh KC Walsh Phyiscs
Adam Lenz STEM Education
Ying Cao Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
Devon Quick Integrative Biology
Tracy Arras Civil and Construction Engineering
Mary Beisiegel Mathematics
Jeff Chang Botany and Plant Pathology
Julie Risien
Associate Director
Victoria Bonebrake
Administrative Program Assistant