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Advisory Board
John Falk Co-Director Institute of Learning Innovation; Oregon SeaGrant Professor of FreeChoice Learning
Marco Molinaro Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education; iAMSTEM Hub Director, U.C. Davis
Kemi Jona Director, Office of STEM Education Partnerships, Northwestern University
Marina Gorbis Executive Director, Institute for the Future
Jacquelynne Eccles Distinguished Professor of Education, U.C. Irvine; Board on Science Education, National Academies of Science
Noah Finkelstein Director, Center for STEM Learning; Professor of Physics, University of Colorado
Lisa Graham Chief Scientist, PARADIGMisr; CEO, Black Canyon Woodworks
Milton Chen Independent (Former Exec. Director, George Lucas Education Foundation)
Jerry Schubel President & CEO, Aquarium of the Pacific
Mark Lewis STEM Director, Oregon Education Investment Board
Erin Prince Superintendent Corvallis Public Schools