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Oregon State University
Precollege Programs, SMILE

I have been involved in leading a variety of formal and informal STEM-focused education programming since the mid-70's. The Youth Science Institute in San Jose is an environmental education program then focused on linking college students and faculty and youth. I spent four summers working at a private Summer Camp in Mendocino while working on my BS in Biology.  I worked as a research associate in a neuroscience lab at U of Oregon studying circadian biology while completing my interdisciplinary MS and teaching certification.  While credentialed to teach HS biology, chemistry and physics, I spent three years teaching K-6 science in North Bend Oregon where a unique model engaged high school students in leading daylong science field trips for all 4-6 graders.  I have worked for OSU's SMILE program for eighteen years, where I am currently the program's leader.  I am most interested in the role of transformative education that leads to behavior change, creating a developmental framework for supporting college readiness, a science identity in minority youth, and supporting teacher's in a Professional Educators "Community of Practice."