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Advisory Board
John Falk Co-Director Institute of Learning Innovation; Oregon SeaGrant Professor of FreeChoice Learning
Noah Finkelstein Director, Center for STEM Learning; Professor of Physics, University of Colorado
Jerry Schubel President & CEO, Aquarium of the Pacific
Marco Molinaro Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education; iAMSTEM Hub Director, U.C. Davis
Milton Chen Independent (Former Exec. Director, George Lucas Education Foundation)
Kemi Jona Director, Lowell Institute School, Northeastern University
Marina Gorbis Executive Director, Institute for the Future
Mark Lewis STEM Director, Oregon Education Investment Board
Lisa Graham Chief Scientist, PARADIGMisr; CEO, Black Canyon Woodworks
Jacquelynne Eccles Distinguished Professor of Education, U.C. Irvine; Board on Science Education, National Academies of Science
Scott Peterson Mathematics
Kay Sagmiller
Matt Nyman STEM Education
Ying Cao Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
Kenny Martin Civil and Construction Engineering
Devlin Montfort Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Devon Quick Integrative Biology
Wendy Rose Aaron STEM Education
Richard Nafshun Chemistry
Diana Rohlman Biological and Population Health Sciences; Superfund Research Program
Rebekah Elliott STEM Education
image of Susan Nolen Susan Bobbitt Nolen Learning Sciences & Human Development
Tracy Arras Civil and Construction Engineering
Ann Sitomer STEM Education
Adam Lenz STEM Education
KC Walsh KC Walsh Phyiscs
Daniel Newhart Division of Student Affairs
Mary Beisiegel Mathematics
Margaret Burnett Computer Science
Shane Brown Civil and Construction Engineering
Blessing Mupanduki Assessment Development and Administration
Catherine Law STEM Academy
Jeff Chang Botany and Plant Pathology
Joseph Cone Oregon Sea Grant
Allison L. Hurst Sociology
Henri Jansen
Weniger 403
Kathryn Linder
Extended Campus
Ellen Aster STEM Education
Indira Rajagopal Biochemistry and Biophysics
Lori J. Kayes
Integrative Biology
Jeremy Hoffman Jeremy Hoffman Geology; Science Communication
Sal Castillo Institutional Research
Michael Burand Chemistry
David Roundy
Tom Dick Mathematics
Margie Haak Chemistry
Michael M. Learner Chemistry
Lissy Goralnik Forest Ecosystems and Society
Deb Bailey
STEM Education
Paula Weiss Chemistry
Anita Guerrini School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
Chong Fang Chemistry (Physical Chemistry)
Kristin Ziebart Chemistry
Kevin Ahern
Mark Farley
Hatfield Marine Science Center
SueAnn Bottoms STEM Education
Jana Bouwma-Gearhart STEM Education
Lynn Dierking STEM Education
Milo Koretsky Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
Cat Stylinski Lifelong Learning
Shawn Rowe STEM Education
Martin Storksdieck
Julie Risien
Associate Director
Kelly Riedinger
Senior Researcher
Peter Nelson Peder Nelson Affiliated Researcher
Victoria Bonebrake
Administrative Program Assistant
Nancy Staus
Affiliated Researcher
Kari O'Connell
Senior Researcher
Nicolette Canzoneri
Research Assistant
Lou Woodley
AAAS Washington, D.C.
Director of Community Engagement, Public Relations and Growth
J. Davis Harte
Affiliated Researcher
Brianna Keys
Research Analyst
Kevin Keys
Project Assistant
photo of Nancee Hunter Nancee Hunter
Senior Researcher
Robi Nilson
Research Analyst