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Dr. Julie Risien manages operations and programs at the Center with a special emphasis on a campus-wide intiatives including building a network to improve research impacts, managing transdiciplinary STEM research programs, and redefining undergraduate success.  She serves as an advisor to the OSU office of research development and the NSF-funded Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education; Julie is also a steering committee member onthe NSF-funded National Alliance for Broader Impacts.  Julie's background in research planning and administration includes 6 years at OSU with Oregon Sea Grant and the Institute for Natural Resources. She spent many years working for non-profit organizatons including Environment Now Foundation and as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer on marine conservation issues including state and regional research planning and policy initiatives, citizen-science water quality monitoring and enforcement, marine habitat restoration, marine reserves establishment and monitoring, endangered species conservation and management, and community-based conservation programing in the Pacific Islands.  Julie has a MSc. in Marine Resource Management from the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at OSU and a PhD. in Environmental Sciences with a social sciences emaphasis. Her dissertation is entitled Boundary Dynamics of a Transformative Learning Network: Improving Connection at the Interface of Science and Society. 

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