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Assistant Professor
Oregon State University
STEM Education

Dr. Eric Weber is an assistant professor of mathematics education in the College of Education. Weber's research focuses on characterizing students' ways of thinking about mathematics and using models of their thinking to inform instructional and research design. More broadly, he works to understand how undergraduate students think about functions, covariation, and rate of change in the context of quantitative reasoning, and explains how those ways of thinking can prepare students to generalize their thinking in high level mathematics and science courses. His current work focuses on characterizing students’ ways of thinking about derivative in mathematics as well as other STEM fields. He has background in working with reform projects in algebra and precalculus under the Mathematics and Science Partnership, Project Pathways at Arizona State University. He has used the knowledge from these projects and his own work to designed professional development and content courses for teachers centered on function and rate of change with a particular focus on the Common Core Standards. Together, this work supports Weber’s current research focus of characterizing expert and novice thinking about derivatives, and learning trajectories that model that development of a novice into an expert across STEM fields.