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Oregon State University
Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering

As an undergrad, Bill studied hardware, software, and chemical engineering. His PhD and postdoctoral scholar research involves the development of software to facilitate the use and study of active learning pedagogies. His involvement in the ESTEME@OSU project is supporting a subset of the student side of data collection and organization. Bill finds this  project important because he believes student learning and success ought to be the goal of education. While pedagogies have been developed over the last several decades with potential to be more effective for student learning than traditional lecture, these pedagogies have not been adopted as often as they should. Further study of their effectiveness and propagation is critical if educators are to maximize student learning. Bill’s current academic interests include computerized lexical analysis and the development of simulations for concept-based instruction. His personal interests include target shooting and hunting, making jerky, and watching movies.


Research Description: 
Post-Doctoral Scholar